Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bamboo Straight Needles

For Sale/ For Swap

I have come to realize that I prefer knitting with circs and these have just been sitting in my stash cluttering things up, so it is time for them to find a new home...

Asking - $4.00 each (unless otherwise specified), I'll pay shipping. I may also be willing to trade for Crystal Palace DPNs
Contact - Sweetpea
Email -

All needles are "like new" unless otherwise specified.
I prefer paypal, but would also be fine with check/money order, etc.

Size 2, 12 inch Crystal Palace straights---SOLD

Size 4, 9-inch Crystal Palace straights---SOLD

Size 4, 12 inch Crystal Palace straights---SOLD

Size 5, 9-inch Clover Takumi Straights---SOLD

Size 7, 9-inch Clover Takumi straights--$2.00 (to cover shipping, etc) or free with purchase of another set of needles


***NOTE: These needles have slight damage near the butt-end of one of the needles. See photo below. I have used them since they were damaged and found them to be slightly annoying at times, but when I was working on a narrow project like a scarf, I didn't even notice.***

clover 7 nibble

Size 8, 9-inch Clover Takumi---SOLD

Size 9, 13-inch Clover Takumi Straights
Clover 9

Size 10.5, 13-inch Clover Takumi Straights
clover 10 and a half
These needles are used, but still in very good condition... I wouldn't call them 'like new', however, because the size lettering is somewhat worn off, as you can see in the photo, and the tips are very slightly stained pink from some yarn I used.